Palm Beach – Tabby Concrete

Posted on Apr 23, 2012


Custom 'Zen' Garden - Before

Custom 'Zen' Garden - with "Tabby" product poured

Our Palm Beach renovation project is pushing forward as we enter the second phase – the exterior. The homeowner once again wanted to keep to the integrity of the house and instill that ‘Palm Beachy’ South Florida feel that the house demands. The one example that he calls upon consistently for inspiration on landscaping and the overall exterior feel for the house is the nearby Brazilian Court Hotel on the island.


"Tabby" product step detail

Expanding our ‘Palm Beach’ inspiration a bit further we discovered an amazingly unique and ‘beachy’ product called “Tabby” which is done exclusively by the company Connery Concrete.  They recently completed the Worth Avenue renovation project with this product, and when we introduced the ‘Tabby’ product to our homeowner we landed on instant approval for the new driveway and a completely custom and unique garden area we have created in the back yard.  The “Tabby” product is a custom colored concrete with shells cast into the concrete that is then sandblasted to expose the aggregate. The result is a beautifully beachy surface that fit this Palm Beach house to a ‘T’. We have just started on the driveway, but the backyard garden area is well underway (see photos above). We will update you on the driveway once it is complete – so be sure to check back soon. We can’t wait to get our landscaping in place to experience the full effect!