Posted on Feb 1, 2012

Design work has become a HUGE portion of our days here at VintageBD, especially recently.  We have several clients that are in the early planning stages of their new homes and major renovations, and we have found a sweet spot to insert our expertise.  By working with an architect’s preliminary design Ken has the ability to give it a second opinion and often make suggestions that make the home more fluid and appealing both from a design standpoint and from a practical livability standpoint.

Working with existing structures to make an addition seamless and architecturally sound has become a strong point at VBD.  Mediating between what the client wants to accomplish with their home with what is structurally possible, and making the two meet happily in the middle is a challenge we have not yet shied away from.  Steve and Ken often start a design meeting by telling the client “You can do absolutely anything you want, you just have to decide how you live.”  Inside of any budget they have accomplished this balance of endless options and the clients wants and needs.

On top of wants and needs, our expertise as a builder in the current market gives us the ability to make suggestions of ways to improve your home to maximize value in your neighborhood.  Market knowledge about what is expected out of a house of a certain size in a certain neighborhood prevents over improvements and/or under improvements that may negatively affect the value of your property.

This is the VintageBD edge – the “D”.  It’s the expert in-house DESIGN that gives us the ability to work with our clients on an all encompassing level with their project.